If you can imagine it,
Donna Riggs can help you create it.

Donna Riggs can help you avoid the expense of hiring multiple talents for professional costuming and clothing design for any purpose.

With a combination of professional skills, she can keep your project on task and can bring your idea to fruition with one-on-one attention.

Donna Riggs is an accomplished artist and designer with professional sculpting and sewing skills.  With over 20 years of experience in design, patterning and construction of costumes, she has the skills and experience to create costumes and clothing for any purpose.

Donna understands how critical conceptualization is to the pattern making process, evidenced when she sold her own line of clothing to HSN.  Donna designed, patterned, and managed the entire project from San Pedro Sula, Honduras to the HSN headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.

As an award winning illustrator and graphic designer, Donna knows the importance of visualization of ideas and can help to create a true representation of your idea.  Her skills include computer-generated illustration, as well as traditional artist techniques and styles.  

Donna’s insight into alteration, laundering, comfort, longevity and storage of every costume is always taken into consideration right along with each creative decision.

As a sculptor, Donna can take a two-dimensional interpretation to a three-dimensional finished product successfully. She knows what fabrics and materials will work for a particular purpose and knows how to build armatures for the most challenging shapes and forms.